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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Spinning Merino!

This is 100g merino that I spun myself. The two hanks on the right (especially the one in the middle) are a bit "unbalanced" in the Twining.To much spin, and too little twine. The one on the left is balanced. Every hank is an improvement. And this last hank felt like an step change! It is so soft and really great. Now, what to do with this? I'm thinking starting with the sleeves to my "spinning sweater" below. But they would do a great market-mitten, i.e. half-mitten without fingers, but not just "Swe: muddar" =wrist-warmers. It is too thick for a shawl, but ok for a more cosy winter snugging "Swe: halsduk" (hmm that cannot be shawl too? Shawl are triangular, and neck-thingi is long and reqtangular). Well, it wouldn't hurt to comment as my NY friend says.It is soo nice to have comments. BTW. I'm recovering from cold spell. Getting better, but not well.

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