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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Spinning galore!

I just cannot understand. It is so silent here. Well my dear friend Christina O, Textil artist sent me a letter to Garngamen (yepp, that is what the letter said!) with an invitation to Formex. Thank you so much. She is of course exhibiting her latest textile art. I have been wanting to go to this trade-fair for a many years, and now when I got an invitation, both me and hubby struggles with a soar throat and a cold. Instead, I have been spinning. Spinning like a maniac. I greased my wheelup, and it was a bit uneven, but now it spinns like a cat! ;-) But here smells like a sheeps stable. And camera will not cooperate for flash. A true software bug I assume. Anyway, the left brown is what I twined together yesterday. The middle is Farhem fleece with coloured blue fleece from Gudruns Ullbod. The white wool (now washed!) is from the spinning course at the knitting-meet in Gotland, where Ing-marie was kind to sell me some unwashed lambsfleece. So the white is not really dry, and it is something special to take out sheep-nuggets from the fleece. Im glad that our noses are stuffed, so it doesn't smell as bad. Should I wash the fleece? It feels fat and nice to spin though, so Im not complaining. Thinking about ordering more sheets of fleece from Fardhem. It is so nice and soft to spinn from. Interesting, that is for sure. Im sort of working through my fleece stash.


Zoe said...

Your spinning is lovely. Hope your husband's sore throat goes soon. I've finally got round to putting you as a favourite on my blog!

HPNY Knits said...

congrats on the professional success! one does need an escape and spinning does seem to be a very soothing activity, I guess once you know what you are doing.
do you get stuffy noses from all the raw wool? I do sometimes, from the fibers in the air.

Kristina said...

Åh, om du visste vad jag har haft dåligt samvete för att jag inte hört av mig det minsta lilla på så lång tid. Jag blev så jätteglad (och faktiskt lite generad) för din rara kommentar i min blog. Känner mig stolt över att, tillsammans med många andra, få vara med och skapa intresse för detta hantverk. Hoppas vi är många som kan och vill hålla det vid liv under en lång tid framöver. Jag gillar verkligen ditt rustika garn. Roligt att se någon som vågar experimentera fritt!

Kristina said...

Tvätta eller inte tvätta? Det tror jag är en personlig preferens. Själv brukar jag tvätta råull helt lätt, bara så pass att den mesta/värsta/bästa (välj själv) lukten försvinner (omtanke om familjen, jag bryr mig inte). Min erfarenhet är att fårull alltid har gott om lanolin kvar ändå.