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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Knitting recycled silk.

This is my "in the middle of the night knitting. The yarn was bought at a yarnshop Eustasia who folded! So this yarn was on sale (still not cheap). The owner had coloured herself the white recycled silk. I really like it. So, I did the bottom first. Realizing - AGAIN, that should be in the Ample-Knitter category, and not in my imaginary skinny size. So the bottom is to be frogged, but serves as a Swatch right now. So, I started on the sleeve, and
got the right frill that I wanted. So, I have only reached the elbow. But, very nice to knit. I think I go for a V-neck with a frill. The thing I'm contemplating is making a little red square somewhere. But I do not want to have Christmas-tree associations.
It was sunny outside. But not that real heat. It should be a little extra warm next week. I'm regaining my energy. That must be the reason I gave myself permisson to be lazy. So I knited a headband in this weird Noro yarn. Also started as a "night"-knit. So, I would try some necklace too with this yarn. Take care out there!


Mitz said...

I follow your blogg in silence, :) , Do not feel abandoned it's always interesting to read about your yarns and knitting.

beepbeephello said...

gosh. i just bought some recycled silk yarn (which is way different i may add than other yarns i ususally buy [wool, mohair, angora]) and i have NO IDEA what to knit with it. glad to see you found something to knit with it.