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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

My hubby reads my blog! But this is one of my favourite pictures. Good to think about now, when the first day I had a jacket on to work. 12 degrees Celcius. Brrr! It is all about work. I have timed my new way to work. Before it was 15 minuts walk or bike. That length is only the first third. Now there is also 30 minutes by commutertrain, and then another 20 minutes walk... ? Hmm.. I might get into walk-knitting. But backpack (well still ok in Sweden!) and people..... I'm now knitting what I spinned. It will be my rather heavy jacket. But I just feel great about it. I spin a bit, and knit a square that I add. It is growing. Sort of fun to feel the different textures of the yarn. I must go to sleep now. I wiggled my way out of the statistics course, but I still have a lot to do. Glad you are out there. When it is only work, work work, knitting, spinning and yarn is so grounding. And your comments, Thanks Zoe for adding me up and HpNYKnits is too nice. Anyway, I have gotten into this procedure. Don't laugh.
I stop my knitting, TV, blogging frenzy to go to bed. But, on the way I pass the yarn-room (yeah, you KNOW I have one!) And I just have to sneak in and do some rows a a project. Right now it is green silk sleeve (hey, I do listen to your suggestions) that I'm doing. It has a very wavy edge, and narrows down. I'm half way on first lower arm. I did start on the body before (and knitted an entire hank), but I'm frogging it. To get the A-shape it must be even bigger. But I hope that walking will get me in shape for the current size, so, I'm doing arms first :-) Always hopeful.


Marji said...

oh, love the sailing pic. I did not get on a boat once this year ;(
doesn't help that I moved to the middle of the country where there isn't any water to sail on.
I see some linen in that pic if I'm not mistaken. lovely colors.
so, how is your swatching coming for the Tudor knit? Have you found anything great yet?
Sounds like you've got some serious walking ahead of you. Wow!

Brigid said...

Hello! I've just found your blog. I enjoyed reading about the Gotland symposium and it led me all over the web looking at two-end knitting and other things. I love Scandinavian and Estonian knitting. I haven't tried spinning yet, because I have so much knitting to do!

villaa ylle said...

The train-part is good knitting time, and it is possible to knit when you walk too. I have tried it only in my own garden yet:)
That is the fantastic thing when you have a stash. You can find nice yarns and inspiration and start swatching and dreaming any time of the day.

Zoe said...

I need to do some walking too.