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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Oh no! Not a bad cold!

So, that weekend scare was just the start. Now I have suffered through the day with an aching throat (Dearest hubby gave me soothing choclate ice-cream and pistachio when I came home). How was your day? I did get to bed last nite at 2.30 (actually 12.00) but felt weird, went to my yarn room and knitted until I "fainted". Woke up at 3, 4 and quarter to five (just before the clock). Snuck out, prepared breakfast, noticed my throat was bad. Real bad. bike, sub, . Waiting too long and bought three (!) knitting magz! (Vouge Knit simple - too simple but a good article on resizing, Simply Knitting (UK) - no, I just said, I want it complicated - and FILATI -in all Lana Grossa, but some real ok patterns). Read them on the train 6.20 from Stockholm to Linköping and blowed my nose - drinking tee (no knitting.) Bus to Mjärdevi. Went through four packs of Kleenex and two packs of Läkerol (throat pastill) during all meetings (ok, brought a cake to my new work in Linköping) - Swedish work tradition called "squeze-in cake". Got worse. Told I would not be on work the next days to my new boss, who replied "I bet you would answer the phone": Took the overfilled train back 5.. Had more tea, fell asleep (no knitting). Woke up by a sound I probably made. Girls staring. Hubby picked me up at 19.00 and well, 3 more packs of kleenex, Tea and some more ice-cream. And throat is a bit better, but my head is on explosion. Just saw "While you were sleeping", ohh so romantic. Missed Scrubs. Red Nose. Knitting? Hard with a running nose. But I will try to go to bed without yarnroom. I had forgot how bad a cold could be. It was because I excercised like mad yesterday. Ohh. what new life. I just get sick. Sigh! Start over. It is like Fia with knuff (a stupid game I have no idea what it is called in English).


eddie said...

Very nice :)
Maybe we exchange links?
http://mragowskiemolo.blogspot.com - my blog.
If so then write me on mail, or speak in comments on my site :)

Mary-Lou said...

Hope you're better soon!

Mia said...

Usch, stackars dig, vad miserabel du låter! Krya på dig! (men jag log lite när jag läste det där om att vakna av ett ljud man själv kanske gjort, och folk stirrar på en... känns det som. Känner igen känslan!)

Zoe said...

You poor thing. Hope you feel better soon.