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Friday, September 08, 2006

Slightly better! Hope! There is hope! Spinning again!

I have a headache. My cold is hiding in the sinus, and my caugh is bad. Burning nose, but throat is not hurting, so it is better. I can swallow. Another way to say I'm better is I got hope. I did feel terribly sorry for myself, but when I realize It is passing. I definitely do not want to be a victim of the "poor me"-syndrome. No, Just a cold, but great that someone cares. I think that is the solution of most problems. Caring. Instead I care of the wool. This fantastic merinotop from Kartehuset in Denmerk, was great. Last time I spun merino it just became a big blob. (actually, that is visible in the last picture - find the "blob of white"). But, the net is great. You can learn about everything there. Why not share your findings more? I perfer being generous. I will share my experiences.
Someone told me to spray the top with water and oil (coconut is best, but I used olive which also is ok - any veggy oil or lanoline) Dampen it makes the fibers more chewinggum-like when you spin . The other (rather obvious trick) which I didn't figure out is that already prepared and carded top, ready to use should be divided to very thin strands! "Prepared". How easy was that then! I used to take a piece instead of a strand. Huge difference. Interesting to see the top with and without a flash isn't it? But I'm just doing a little bit. No it is resting time in the sofa again. And I do have piled my work infront of me.The real one. Spinning makes you heal faster! Takes my mind of a head filled up to explosion. I think it is interesting - to spinn yarn and knit it immediately. In this very white part, you can - if you look carefully - see the difference between spinning directly from the sheep, or do some carding before. The carded is on the right, and much more even. Last picture is one of those - patches - cardigan.The long is left fron, and it goes around the back. I will be adding on. Interesting exercise in exposing your spinning and knitting.
The bluish grey below the white (and the white) is the latest spun. As I say, I do experiment with spinning thickness, occassionally trying both to make even, and really uneven yarn. I also follow the fleece a lot. But I need more spinning and knitting.
But it is fun. Real fun. And I It will be fun to see where this is going. It was supposed to be heavy cardigan.
Im thinking about having it more dark, but - again. It seems to be the fleece decision. Im going to try my Islandic "candy-bag" that Hallas mother got me from Island. It is 1 kilo of ready fleece looking like English candy. You know, licorice and pink and blues... But that even looks dry, so that will definitely need planning. And I'm an impulsive lady. Better? Absolutely!


HPNY Knits said...

sorry to hear you are sick at least you can sooth the soul with the spinning. it seems to relaxing and centering to me. do the little hairs of the wool not bother you sinuses when you are sick?

Garngamen said...

Hi Julianna! No, they are not! I'm so stuffed in my nose, nothing gets in ;-) The only thing that dusts is angora (and maybe alpacka) and you actually wet the wool so it doesn't fly around. But, I just saw my arm being filled, and it got into my mounth, so I guess some clean behaviour isn't bad. Merino has long hair!