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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

New life decision

Fuzzy Peony from spring. But it feels like a new life decision. I'm glad you all are back! 1. Catherine Parr swatching is not so great. I must go down in size, but I'm decided. It will be green with orange (or blue?) pattern. WHy? Because I have a lot of this yarn (thanks for asking!) It is my fall project! just trying hard to finish up 2. Julia sleeves and 3. Twisted float shrugs last sleeve! Hmm! And one hour of exercise a day! Husband asked me if I would get fit for a skitrip this winter. (
Note, I have been begging for years, but when I finally dragged him ;-) I had lost all fitness. So this time, I will give him a match for more than the first days. But it is time to practice! So, I had to buy Norah Gaughans Knitting Nature. Have a look what all the fuzz whas about. Ok, she has a matematic mind! Really intresting. But, you know! I'm finishing up, and I'm not starting anything new. I got a bunch of Bohus as well to knit. Life is just to short. I just love going around the world on the blogs or in life with a knit. Finally some mittens from Estonia. No, they are NOT MINE, the hand on the wall in the island of Kihnu. Of course! Now, I'm taking the 6.20 train to Linköping tomorrow. Which means leaving home about 5.30, so interesting. Do you think I will knit on the train? If I'm awake. I'm so happy of the phones with alarms, so you can fall asleep on the train!

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heidi said...

Så roligt med skidresan - när han äntligen vill så har livet redan lagt hinder ivägen för dig. Hoppas ni åker ändå, skidresor brukar vara roliga:-)

Det är inte alltid kul att avsluta projekt, men du verkar vara i full gång, vilket innebär att rätt vad det är har du flera färdiga projekt klara inom en kort tidsperiod - och det - det är underbart!

Ok, så du har bestämt dig för ditt höstprojekt. Ett bra sådant också! Skall bli spännande att se hur det blir.