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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Enjoying pictures

Fun to get going with blogging. After several attempts I got some pictures to show for. First the TelemarksVott (vott means mitten) from Håndplagg, a truely wonderful book by Heidi Fossnäs. Buy it! Anyway, they are knitted according to pattern, och needles 1.25 mm (that is so thin you can only knit short periods, until the needles starts cutting through the finger...), and the yarn (Raumas gammelserie) 100% wool, is great. The pattern will not be embroidered according to correct colours, but the correct yarn, they got nuts numbering that yarn.... no sense. So I just picked nice colours. The patter has wide fingertips, so I'm thinking of rip the tip up, and make it a bit more narrow.

Anyway, this yarn was bought at Husfliden in Oslo (Strongly recommended) and I just give you a peak of what I bought at StrikkeDilla when I was in Oslo just the other week. Very representative colours :-) for me. PT2 is yummy, and the white is completing Babysilk alpacka from Du store Alpakka - so the pattern will be ok. The latter, costed 42 NOK so it was not cheap. But ohhh what a feeling.

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