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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Missing Links and knittrouble - lists...

Gee, I have to remake the sleeves I just started. They are ok in size, but the aran patter shrinks it so it looks smaller. What is funny is that arm is the same word in Swedish, and with just two dots, ärm, it becomes sleeve. Clever!!

So, Sorry for the links not working yet. Reason. We went sailing. No time for knitting much than realising, that the sleeve is Not OK! And I have visitors coming, so time for cleaning. I have got the hands on "Stickade Stjärnor" "Knitted stars" which is a great pattern for lace. Weird notation for the knits. All starts with 8 and is a trick how to figure out the pattern. But a bit like how think, so just needs some practice to crack the code. Also, found the book about Wåhlstedts Ull (one of the Swedish heritage wool/spinner factories, very small scale) but also a hundred year tradition about breeding the Swedish Lantras sheep into having better wool - or rather keeping the quality. Anyway, The new Rowan Magazine 38 came with good news. Finally something for REAL women...!!
This was not one of my top issues, too sloppy for me. But then NK (Stockholm superstore) sold just two pices of cloth stiched with 10 stiches, no edgetrimming or anything for a huge some of money.
Anyway. Interesting: The pattern Richard by Lara Long (p.130) I have seen before. Looks like a pattern steal to me, but anyway a nice pattern. Brocade looks really nice- getting older Kaffe or lending out your name? It is actually more matured than I ever seen his patterns. Nice one! , maybe without the turtelneck. And Maud is obvious a Skånsk Speedetröja, or Danish Nattröja as a cardigan... nice but dull colour.
Naming wristwarmers Eowyn, is a given hit, but the two favorites this number (with Brochade) is Birgitte and Pandora (take away stupid pink bands!)


Mitz said...

Nice to CY again. What are these lace 'knitted stars' you write about? Is there anywhere online you can get a glimpse? I love stars and are getting more addicted to laceknitting every day.
Have you heard about the 'Mystery Shawl Along' - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/mysteryshawlalong/ ? I joined in last week and was able to dig up something from my stach to knit with ;)

Garngamen said...

Howdy, well, I'm a bit weird with "alongs". I have seen it, but I have already too much to do to follow others, so I thought I better stay out. Is it good?
"Stickade Stjärnor" is really small round table cloths (swe: Dukar) with a star patterns. Hmm, I might help you out here...where did I put your adress..... think!