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Sunday, August 07, 2005

First Entry of Sigrids Knittingblog

Well, it is time for me to go public. Long have I written on www.sticklistan.org but this makes it easier to publish some pictures. We'll see how it goes. This is just a test for Garngamen - which in Swedish means yarnvulture. Something someone actually called me. And I do not mind. I do like my treasures - they are like jewels.

So, this is my favorite Bohus Knitting colour. I just wish it was easier to recreate this national treasure, instead of letting this creative artwork disappear in to oblivion.

Anyway my summerpromise to myself was to do UFOs - UnFinished Objects - and believe me, I have a lot. The main reason is that I have attended numerous of Knitting courses and seminars the past three years, and basically started a lot of ideas. I have also started a yarnstash that fills a room, and probably beats most yarnshops. So, no it is time for knitting. More knitting and less courses.Here is a lot more to come here! I need to start taking pictures of my own stuff and figure out the ususal logproblems


Ulla M Holm said...

Välkommen Sigrid till bloggänget med en blogg som lovar gott!. Du är inte ensam om att vara garngam, ha många UFOs eller med "large middle" (Lol)

Garngamen said...


Ulla M Holm said...

Jättekul att se utvecklingen. det är pilligast i början. Sen går det av farten. Det finns förresten ett namn till (utöver garngam) för vår passion eller ska vi kalla det sjuka? Kolla: http://yarnaholics.blogspot.com/
och http://www.yarnoholics.com/