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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Another week - working stress and new yarn

Wow, the pressure of a deadline! My mentor at University told me he is off to Oz for 3 weeks (and my paper has a deadline before), so suddenly my deadline became monday! At the same time, my class I'm attending has its deadline on monday with a seminar in the afternoon. On Wednesday my Valencia speech should be done, and on Tuesday I will me my new (?) manager and might get moved into a new area of work. What can I say. Between stress and hysteria, I do some knitting, so my enterlach has now one sleeve. It came out very neat! But the other sleeve is really in a rot. It just doen't fit. Tricky, very tricky. Needs a clear mind, and that is not what I have - I need an easy knitting right now. No "solve the Escher" squares. So, dearest hubby said, lets do a walk in town yesterday, and we parked near Maria's garn. She was lovely as always, and we discussed the nitty gritty of Baylan and colouring in the micro. Of course I fondled the new Cotton yarn, admired Åke (the sheep in the window), and admire her Hanne Falkenberg sweater.... But my eye caught the recycled silk yarn, something I already have a hank from (in green), but somehow it does not do it for me. Cannot see a sweater in front of my eyes. So, with a impatient hubby we went to check if the Vougue Knitting has arrived (missed to pay the renewal). But it hasn't hit the stores yet. But found 3 other knitting magasins, so, not so bad. A nice shrug.. well, so we headed in the sunshine to Gamla stan. And so easy to sneak up to dear Ann Richter and her yarn store. So, I thought, another Noro Aurora (to finish my second shawl). Then I saw the new Noro Cotton Polyester mix. Feels like paper-cotton. Weird. but in a good colourscale, lime with red, pink. Ok, it was a trial! After some chatting on how to get to their summerhouse with our boat, my eye caught one of her wonderful coloured silk in that alive lime, that I just could not resist, and I thought it was best to leave before I totally flipped out. Anyway, she had stashed up on Colinette, which was interesting.

Well, back to the busy busy.. After wednesday. Knitting, pictures and breathing. Next weekend I'm going to my friend in Helsinki, so I hope there is some time to browse yarn - no, I do not need any more, but just look (ha!)!


Cecilia N said...

Jag såg en väska stickad av sån därnt återvunnet sarisilkegarn. Rufsig som få, men charmig. (Som tips på vad man kan göra med lite sarisilke.)

HPNY Knits said...

greetings from NYC.
I very much relate to your stress and knitting as a way to center yourself. it is a very hard time for me at work now, but I find comfort in knitting.
good luck with your deadline.

Garngamen said...

Jamen Cecilia, väskor, jag är inte en riktig väskperson. Hmm...men det är något att suga på. kanske hmmm... ok, give me more. ge mig en typ av väska....Hmmm skall fundera...