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Thursday, March 30, 2006

It is hard work to blog almost every day (just missed wednesday!) but this is like wednesday. Sex in the City on TV, the gambling trip. And it is really sad. When Carrie sits alone eating mints, and then goes and spends her 1000 USD. So much yarn! But who knits in the Jet? hihi....knit one purl two will never be the same! But they find each other on the bus back home. Think to have girlfriends like that. Well, I'm amazed that someone published the wonderful Latvian mitten patterns on the web: Check this out: http://www.liis.lv/majtur/darbmac/raksti.htm
And another confession to visitors. NO, I have not knitted all items in the pictures on my blog. No, I cannot take credit for that. I just felt desperate occasionally when all my pictures are so blurry and dark, so I had to take some from the time when the camera was better working. I remember it broke down in Tartu Museum in Estonia, sigh...But I keep taking pictures of great knitting stuff. Just for inspirations.
This is how my own pictures look like. Dark, - but yes my ONE latvian mitten. Need to find yarn to finish the other and Visjö is not fast to come by! So, My favorite horse painting from my dear brother Johan. I think this painting was the first my dear hubby saw when entering my flat that evening more than 12 years ago, my brother have repainted it, "brushing" the colors up, making it brighter and not so busy. Today I was in Västerås. Busy, but knitted on my RYC Cotton angora from the new nr 11 summer. Bridget? Fairy? something in lime green..It is just knit 2 purl two for 13 cm, (of course already reworked Rowan pattern) adding two sizes (are only models knitting in UK?) and reworking it to Circular needels (why don't they see the ease of no seems?) Well, time for bed.


Gudrun said...

Trevlig länk till de litauiska mönstren! Går nog bra att använda till diverse.

HPNY Knits said...

thsnk yo for the Latvian mitten patterns !
it is a treasure!