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Thursday, April 06, 2006

...and in darkness bind them

So, I tried to get stash overview picture from my YARN ROOM! but that is not an easy task! It just very clearly explains the mess that is going on. So, to the right this is my bag that I'm doing in RYA yarn (which is really coarse weaving yarn for carpets) Is it the long coarse hair from the sheep? It is done in Märta-Stina Abrahamsdotters inspired style, which means you always have two yarns and you weave every stich in (bind it), as well as colourful patterns. (no, it is not Two-end knitting this is more fair-isle, but having the yarn you nit on the long finger, and the one you do not knit on the pointy finger, and the you grab the yarn alternatively over and under the other yarn).. Aslo, here one could se a lime shawl starting (debbie Bliss alpaca silke, and Noro Aurora (the green glitter part from no 1). Vauge in the back you might see two almost finished sleeves in beige - Noro (Shinano?)
So, now moving to "the room" which has a table in the middle! Total mess. I might just confess, that is not ok. There are all my sample yarns, since a dwell on the knitting magazine in Sticka in my yarn explorations. An expensive hobby, but hey, better excuse I have never had to at least treat me with one ball of all weird yarn, every time I browse the LYS. So my last picture maybe capture the essense. I have 15 boxes filled, and then bags and bags hanging around. Of course, I do plan to buy shelfs, put in glass for moth protection, and just have everything like big painting. A "at home yarnshop". So,curious of the content? Well
the two bags on to contains, looped mohair in light blue (one of my options for border in circular cardi, that I was not happy about) Now I have 200 g light blue/turquoise and 200g lime. 400g is not enough to make a sweater. So, the other bag is the finish yarn from Svalan "Syksy" in brown. Planned to be a cabled sweater (hmm... much aran in the planning here!) but I do have great books. Hidden behind is a bag with a started Jaeger merino Wool and unfortunately from my superwash days. It feels so dark. Probably going to be changed into a gent's sweater. Probably going to be moved to the knitting machine. So, sorry for the dark ages. But good is that you can click on any of my pictures and get an enlargement. So, now it will be silence until sunday from me. Going to my dear friend in Helsinki. I cannot wait. We have planned this for months! The real deal. Hopefully it will be a long shopping saturday, but you never know! We might just snuggle in front of the fire. I doubt she knits. I will. All the way there and back!

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