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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Camera bad Stash flash

So, I start easy! Afraid this is going to be a long series. And my camera is not cooperating at all. With flash it is black (even if it was daylight). Weird. So I took my dear Hopechest (done in Rörås in Norway, also - a place for great yarn I'm told! both the chest and Rörås...) But when I starting to look at the yarn! First - The Wåhlstedt wonderful yarn of great wool beautiful handcolored. It is the best and truest Swedish wool - since the origin was the persons how started to preserve the Swedish sheep for wool (when it was all about meat). Likey,Likey (as Carrie would say!)
The plan for this yarn is probably an aran styled larger sweater with a shawl collar, pockets and that can be wrapped around... (and of course mitten, cap, socks and whatever with the rest!)
Long for sure! Cabels Cabels Cabels.
The hope chest is also the stash for some of my Bohus knitting. So it is Green Meadow pattern, sweater, mitten and cap. And Blue shimmer, (2 sweaters), And the new Grey Mist (with a green-greyish backdrop). All from Solsilke in the wonderful merino- angora (50/50). (Best quality Makes me go mad!). Anyway, on this black picture (enlarge it!) up left is a knitted wool patterns (swans and hearts?) (Farmer wool yarn from Konsum, 1970 something) that is supposed to be grey with purple pattern. But Size is for a 10 year old! Happily I discovered scissors. So my plan is that this will be the front of a great patterned sweater (or back?). You can also see the Norweigan Alfa 100% wool from Sandnes. It is all shades of grey from black to light grey. And to make some spiff I bought 4 turqoise balls from Britt to add it up. No idea what to make, but sure going to work the little dots of colour into that grey... I always start with sweater thoughts.
Found this Colinette handcoloured yarn- totally frogged sweater. Thinking of domino-squares (since the pieces are short!) Typical "sail-boat" project. Takes forever, (just to sort the yarn) summer-sweater. Enough of dark pictures: The rest which in short was: Twinny yarn (black, grey lime and some other for a newspaper sweater),and a big bag of collected chenille yarn bought on sale) and finally the 70 handspun angora in bad colours from Hemslöjden in Uppsala. I ignored the eyelash yarn from germany (fox something) and found a bag of mixed samples.. Later friend later...More to come!
After the stress culminates - I realize I have new deadlines! Got my weekend picture on a frozen first flower. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Im truely amazed of the world! It is getting smaller. Spring.. Ahha finally spring...


HPNY Knits said...

I love the trunk!! I'll have to get some swedish yarn soon, it looks very lush!
and I love the bohus styles, (I have a book about it, but have never treid one yet)
young women today know not the road that led to the life they lead today...

Garngamen said...

Wow, you are philosphical my friend. Well, I do recommend the Bohus packages from Solsilke (which means sunsilk!) She is fab and the yarn is to dream about (and the patterns). I think One of Susannas (Susanna Hanson, see my link-list) are doing the english translations of the patterns... But that is on very thin needles.
Angora Merione is so soft to the touch, but I saw your stash, we need to knit up some before buying more ;-)