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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Consequence of NOROvember, Fuglesang!

I guess people are busy in the weekend. Im so addicted to comments. I luve them. So, after email with Interview Knitting, the winter number would be here until 3 of January. Hey, Sweden is not the end of the world? It takes 20 minutes for Fuglesang (the first Swede in Space) to reach Stockholm from Florida! I saw him take of tonite. And today it is Nobel-prize day. I really felt the Peace prize was decerving. Micro-economics.
Give the money to responsible women. Well in my family, my hubby is the most responsible one with money.. Without him, I would have spent it all. Now I only flip out on yarn. It is limited damage in my busy life. The 10 year old dime-tap flue from Oz (yepp, live there then) works wonders, and I got my hearing back. It is rather difficult to communicate with the head in a bucket.
Anyhow, still recovering but Im over the peak. Yarn stories? OK. Lets look at what happened after inspiration from When the going gets tough the tough get knitting! November 7 posting. Of course I linked to Fuzzy Mable and bought a lot of Noro! First, Pictures from top. My package. Cheap uniil Swedish tax and customs added 40%, now more expensive than if bought in Sweden. Second close up of the Kochoran nr 41 (4) to complete my other Kochoran from Nysta. Then r Iro (I have not a clue what to do with this yarn, in maturing pile ;-) But colours are GREAT. And finally here is the novelty, the new Noro LIGHT silk garden. I think it is faboulus. I have no idea what to do, but finally a thin yarn. It will be GREAT! It will take another year (!) until it reaches the shops in Sweden according to Nina (Nysta!). The last very natural white I will give a posting about tomorrow. It is a story in itself. Opps also forgot to mention my friend Marika in Stickigt got mentioned by the Swedish fashionista. Too bad Im writing in English, a string of jealousy there. But hey, she is GREAT, and she also started the Faroese shawl KAL - I can always join a KAL with no dates... I said
with NO dates. Just join - of course all in Swedish. But she has got great pictures!


Annelie said...

Nice to hear you getting better. Meanwhile I can see you sure do have some goodies to comfort you. Who's druling? Me, not at all! :)

Mary, Mary... said...

I never can resist Noro, but I am sorry you had to pay duty tax on it. The entrelac looks exceptional!

Zoe said...

Love the Entelac and all that gorgeous Noro. Glad you are feeling better.