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Friday, December 15, 2006

More ramblings from a coughing knitter

So, I thought I was well, but it was just a temporary relief. Now Im coughing bad and have no breath at all, but yet I have been working since Tuesday. Wednesday was a maraton, and I did the fatal mistake and lost all work (temporary mail attachment). Ok, then I rushed to the train (X2000) to Lund which is a fast speed train. missed eating. No information and took a change to run and grab a bruger. Well, after 1 hour 30 minutes, the train left (signalling faults - which I KNOW are badly tested systems, but might not be this main reason). So, got sick on the train. Ripped up 2 days work to reknit the christmas calender (had missed the border). 11.30 at hotel in Lund. Raining horisontally. Couldnt sleep until 4 o clock in the morning (stress? sick?) Worked like a dog all day and missed train home on thursday Took the later train that takes one hour longer. Knitted back the new pattern. Realized that we all have interpret "repeat pattern 3 times" differently. I thought it was on height.
Ahh. Still stuck on day 4. The train didn't stop in Stockholm south (where my hubby was waiting) but he had to go to central. Felt really sick. Realized that is the train that causes sea-sickness!!! But got home to a christmas-lit house (Ohh, I just luve him so much!) Slept like a log and have worked from 8.30 to 7.30 (to compensate for my bad tuesday). And Here I am. Feeling exhausted on a friday. So, positive: Is "Sticka med Kaffe Fasset" a good book? Well, it is his usual patterns with some added knitting patters in a much smaller size thus makeable. I like it. Eva Wincent is clever. But his best book is his pattern book in my point of view. More positive: Santa wishlist: 1. MX5 Mazda Miata (modest isn't it ;-) 2. a step-meter (yes, that exercise should have a kick) and of course I would luve any gear tricking me into exercise: Rollerblades, jumping mat, balance ball, jumping rope, hula loop, any machine in that area. 3. A vibrating massage chair (do they exist in Sweden?) 4. Any Spa visit and papering (you see a theme?) Hmm. Lets have a Knitting wish list:
1. Possum fibre (as pure as possible) or yarn
2. Buffalo/bison fibre or yarn (hey for a SWEATER, not a meager scarf!)
3. Order in my yarnroom (glass shelfs) and inventory in a list with all items...(you know nr of stiches per 10 cm/inch, needle size suggested, content etc) yardage/meters colour nr etc...
4. Denise needles (seems to be a good idea)
5. Any Kochoran, silk garn or Cash Iroha yarn (Go Noro Go!)
6. Cashmere yarn from Maria G. (hey, Im picky!)
7. Going to a Stiches event in US!
8. Have a yarn vacation to US!
ok now Im flipping out again.Diving back in a more relaxing knit. or just Blog around and see what you are up to out there!


BertandFelix said...

I live about a 10 minute car ride...on the back roads from Stitches Midwest! Come to Chicago this summer!! There was a Bohus class last summer...hint, hint.

Oh, I made some pepparkakor tonight. Made the dough and tomorrow I am baking. Smells soooo good!!

Cina said...

Jag blir också åksjuk på X2000. Mycket bättre med gamla hederliga tåg.... *S*
Krya på dig!

Åsa i Linköping said...

garnharvan.se har bra pris på Denise - speciellt den 24:e december :-) Jag köpte ett kit där för några veckor sedan och är helnöjd! Mjuka och sköna, med en mjuk och följsam tråd - och då har jag ändå bara använt den allra kortaste.

Vad gäller x2000 så är jag alltid sjösjuk efter ca 10 minuters färd - helt värdelösa stick-tåg :-)