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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Enterlac -Malabrigo-Noro progress!

This is my latest new project, I just could not resist the soft Malabrigo wool. And Im so into turquoise. This colour is called "emerald". And it is just exactly the same as in Noro. As you can see Noro (183) is much more brown, black and grey, and very little lime - and turquiose. I love enterlac. It moves you into great progress. The problem is of course fixing the neck and sleeves. This time I have an even number of squares. An improvement at least. To be brutually honest: It is a bit strong in the colours. A bit too strong, and busy. I do not think I would have done it if I new the result would be like this. But, I think it will be one of those loved sweaters anyway. Cheerful. So I better finish it. It is a quick knit. 13.40 and the sun is almost setting in our horizon. It is very close to mid winter (the 21) when the day is the shortest. Talkning about december and winter holidays. I'm so stuck in the knitting Christmans calender. It is a bit quirky pattern. I'm still on dec. 4th. So behind. Not as smooth as I would expect. But, ok. Johanna is great as a person, I forgive anything. As usual, torn between the different knittings. Finish Enterlac or be done by christmas? Thank you for my well wishes. I do feel terrible. My head is ready to pop, ears, throat hurts, coughing is pain. Still fever, and my nose is read as Rudolfs. Already used up two packages of Kleenex. Better? not Really.
Enterlac, I think it is so fun. I feel sorry for people claiming their perfectionism prevent them from enterlac. They do not get it. It is just great. Try it. But use WOOL, not superwash or combed (kamgarn). That would not even out the special lifts.


HPNY Knits said...

wow, this looks great! I get the feeling I am looking down on a reef in the Caribbean sea! I like the Noro accents, it helps pop up the turquoise. perfect knit for mid winter, to bring in the warmth.
hope you'll feel better soon. its a drag.

heidi said...

Turkost är en av mina favoritfärger. Och entrelacken tar verkligen fram det bästa med den.

Skall bli spännande att se hur du löser problemet med halsringning när du kommer dit.