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Monday, December 11, 2006

Yak yarn. It exists. And Fiber thoughts.

This is yak-yarn. During a conversation on Sticklistan (Sticklistan@kanalen.org), I mistakenly read that someone was on the hunt for yak yarn. That was not at all the case. Rome yarn stores (was it?) is not particularly into Yak to my knowledge. We all had a laugh about it, and still do (I sort of said "if your find yak yarn, buy it for me, and I pay you whatever you feel is fair"). No Yak's on Rome streets. And No Polarbears in Stockholm either. But I bet polarbears (no let them live!) would spin a great yarn. The net bring most yarns to our clickety-click fingertips. But as you all know IT IS THE HUNT! Anyhow, I just couldn't resist the opportunity when it was on the yarn list of Fuzzy Mable. I just thought it might be something like Quivit (swe: Myskoxe). Nope it is not. This yarn COULD be any sheep. maybe a little mohair-goat twist to it. But definitely far from Quivit. And I have it. It had no brand, so I have no idea how much blend or pure it is. But, I assume some mix. I think Yak is more similar to cows or horses (no, not their tails or mane hair). The fuzzy stuff. I now own YAK, QUIVIT, Camel, Cashmere, Angora, alpaca, mohair, all sorts of wool, human hair (the latter fiber great for water-resistance and durability in for example sole's in a sock or mittens for fishermen). In the living family. What I miss is: Possum yarn. No, no possums in Notre Dame ;-) Possums are a great memory from my time in Melbourne in Australia.We had one in our roof, and 12 every night it jumped on our tin roof and scared/woke/angered us every night. So that is on my list, as pure as possible. Of course I would luve to try out guanaco (was that right, it sounds like guano ;-) and other Lama-relatives. Any fiber I'm seriously missing? (I do not count silk as HAIR!). of course dog and cat, but Im allergic to dogs... And it is raining like 'em today.


Anonymous said...

Men snälla nån ko eller häst, nej vetja det liknar det inte alls. Det jag har är korthårigt fint mjukt ludd, inte så mjukt som myskoxens men inte så himla långt efter. Det var svårt att spinna fibrerna var korta men mysiga.


heidi said...

Häftigt med alla dessa olika fibrer. tänk så mycket det finns, och innan jag började surfa hade jag ingen som helst aning om vilka underbara fibrer som finns där ute:-)