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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Kaffe, and some

Kaffe Fasset in person. Live!
He is an artist, and reminds me in many ways of my fantastic uncle Alf. Charistmatic, self fulfilling, enough, content with life, meeting people all over the world, making the world a better, nicer more colourful way. A downplayed gay that can charm any audience. My uncle died of Aids at age 52 and has been the most influential person in my life - being both my mother and father and a great gestalt therapist. Well, Kaffe had that same aura. It made me happy. It made me sad. I just wanted to spend and evening talking about life with him. But who am I to compete with 100 some women? If I were a man, I would have won. Anyway he signed my bookes (Pattern library is great!)
and the new swedish Kaffe book with some more real patterns from Eva Wincent (who actually knits them her self). Well, I told him that he was missing out on the knitting boom. He is of course always looking for money New knitting book coming out next year. His friend Brandon is also coming out with a new knitting book. So interesting - my head mix. Also both Alf and Kaffe could irritate you. Easily. But, somehow Im draw to narcissistic self proclaimed masters. Anyhow. I was not allowed to take my very Cerise knitting into the place (I just so guessed that this was his colour). He rambled on like a great entertainer on how he gets his inspiration. From colour. From patterns. From everything everywhere, specielly in contrast. He copies, moves to new materials and plays and tryes the mixes out. He can extract it out from anything. Last questions of many "how do you think when you get your inspiration"? Duh! He just talked an hour about it.
And, I think either you see it or you don't. Of course, Im born into a artistic family. It is easy for me to say, but my brother suggested the simplest trick about modern art that actually tought me something. You don't interpret, you don't guess what the artist was trying to say. You do not judge. You just FEEL. Either you feel for it or you do not. Then you know, after a while. What looks good for YOU. What you can stare at for hours, and what just leavs you empty. So!
What about it? Have a look at the Christmas tree Kaffe version. Jepp, just fabric on paper, folded with some wire. Finally a comment comment: Dearest Barbro. It must have been a long time since you cuddled a horse! Ok, Cow-hair (body) are a bit stiffer, but My horses (which I cut their winter fur) was just so cuddly soft, well, not like quivit, not like angora, but somewhere in the vicinity. Short as you say. but not as short as a fullblood, or short haired. That is summer fur. But I have not got it pure. Ohh, BISON is of course on my list of fiber wanted.
Links are welcome (Hey Santa, hint hint! ;-) Hmm Great theme for next days. Santa wish!


HPNY Knits said...

Kaffe Fasset was a great inspiration for me and helped me really have fun knitting with color! so fun that you met him. (I met him at a book signing in NYC ,but he did not smile once!) none the less- he really made knitting hip again.

heidi said...

Jag gillar verkligen Kaffe Fassets böcker. och utställningen i Göteborg för några år sedan med hans alster var verkligen någonting i hästväg. Roligt att han kommer med en bok till nästa år.

BertandFelix said...

I am so jealous! I just bought some of his fabric for a quilt.

Is the new Swedish book any good? Is it worth buying?