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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Mmm...Valencia - Spain Knitting? Help?

ok, the full length handspun. Some neckline can be spotted... You get the idea. Wow, I noticed how many spellingmistakes I did yesterday. That is me being tired, no glasses on, and rushing.So, I'm off to Valencia. Many years since I was there last, remember that I chased ceramics then. They have a great museum. Now it will be different. Dear hubby will tag along. And Spain is our honeymoon (week) place.So it just gets that romantic feel.
So, hmmm mmm hmm.. Say no more... it is actually WORK . So.. I probably be rather stressed. Hopefully some hours to knit.


HPNY Knits said...

handspun has real personality!!
have a nice trip!

Jorun said...

Hoppas ni får en trevlig resa! Tack för knuffen, jag har uppdaterat Life de Luxe knitting nu!