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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Patterns and colour, homspun knitting

My favourite colours changes during life. When I was small I was blue, but I loved small flowers patterns. Liberty if you know. Then, I was in love with red. Dark blood red. The reason was, my little welsh mountain pony was black, so red was great. Then, I moved to yellow and brown in the beginning of the seventies. My room had a seagrass brown wallpaper, and all my lamps and my favourite chair was dark yellow, tiger yellow.
My second pony was a fux, so his light brown was great to yellow. Then, growing out of my english winner pony, my next size pony was welsh arab, a schimmel (grey?), and by then I reused my yellow. Now favourite colour was blue. So, my teenage years was blue blue blue. I learned about Klein blue, and dove blue, and sea blue. Then I was blurring around in different colours, fashion victim.
Settled down for Lime about 10 years ago. Any green, but best was the first spring green. Wow, how that (lime) sneaked into fashion. Just when I was giving up, it was everywhere. I have more yarn in lime than any other color. Then, I allowed my self to become purple, lilac, like the settling sun on dark coulds. Not to much red in the blue. Blueish purple.
So, that was a long comment on accent.Now I'm into turquoise. Trying to not fall too hard. So, I have no black yarn. (You know that most black yarn is overcoloured for a colouring gone bad), You can feel that in the quality of black yarn. So I have white (great to dye yourself!), and lime, and purple. And (behold a range of orange - fall is beautiful!)... Anyway, the mast is on the boat. and, polyester sounds good. I took the picture Wanja's designed sweater at Grebbestad, Knitting symposium. So, I knitted up my first homespun. Its so fat, it was like knitting gue (sv. klet!) But, confirming: Grey and white, with some purple blue and green tints. Haha! Already a favourite! Need to find more yarn to spin with in grey. And quick. Time for visiting Gudruns Ullbod again! PS! All naturals are always great. Btw. Purple sweater is not mine. It is Anne-Maj Lings Two-endedfab fabfabsweater.

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