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Monday, May 01, 2006

Mayday May day!

I have had this hanks for years. They were my first spun yarn, that I did. So, it is fat and uneven. Of course I just had to play with the colours. But, now I got an idea. Make all the homespun into one cardigan. Buttoned. The greenish bottom, with some purple in the top, is the right front. And the blueish grey is the left front part. Just pick up and assemble. I like this yarn. Thíck uneven and so fat. I will also have to add the sides, sleeves, and a back, and of course button brim. More spinning. Blogger is slow today, which means you will have more pictures during the week. But, the one part starting with blue is already upto the back neck. So, now, I need to spin more thick yarn. I remember I was told, once you have learned how to spin thin, it is hard to spin thick again, and I have done superthin in my brown shetland fleece. Mayday, May day is that I need more grey (light and dark) but mostly it refer to catastrophic fantasies, we were about to sail allday, bu - we did not sail our boat into summer harbour - too windy , almost storm (kuling!).Also mayday is really about TAXES: last nite now. Still have not started. Panic is creeping up. But the garden got a few hours before collapsing (to much hard work this 3day weekend). An office rat like me is not use to fresh air. I think when you dread doing something,I do something else. Like gardening or knitting. At least I'm excellent in finding good excuses. Are you?


HPNY Knits said...

I LOVE your handspun yarn!! the top part looks just like the crocuses that come out of the snow in February!
I made a scarf with lots of grey colors- but not in the yarn. I wish I had the room to spin!

Garngamen said...

Wow, You are so encouraging. It is amazing that someone half across the world can spread so many cheers. Well, room and room well, it does have some smell ;-)