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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I'm back for a few days- Valencia report

Wow, I dipped my feet in the Mediterrian.. sunshine, tapas, and cerveza, por favor. Americas Cup (sailing) in the background. Wow, My conference speach went great. I walked around the city (all closed) on sunday- then you cannot see any shops. Working all monday, and some morning hours before the flight back, I found (with bad spanish, and help from hotel) a shop. The owner's nose was so high up she was falling backwards (I suspect she did not like foreigners, and did not like to talk to non-spanish). She sold 100% acrylic yarn for 1 Euro (Yikes; it was terrible!).
But, I tried: Angora???? yepp, for 4.50 Euros for 10 grams I got some small ball's with me home for a fortune. Hmm..I'm sure there are better shops. This is not recommended... Lana something on Christina street (just between townhall square and market). Safe to write, since no-one understands english ;-( Well, I needed something in the yarnhole (did not buy ANYTHING elseok, some tapas and beer!)... But I saw a lot of really nice knitted sweaters.
Great inspiration, but as always I think (I can do that better!). So, grabbed one of my knits (the lightweight one). CashCotton 4ply from Rowan - I'm knitting Julia from Summer Collection nr 11. And, after 4 boring hours in transit (Madrid airport) I got one the first pattern (lace) of 24 rows. I have of course changed the pattern to circular needles, and added an extra 20 cm (Rowan sizes are pygmy women that do not eat, sorry I mean models ;-) not REAL women.

So... I was knitting until 3 a clock last nite - and note, I was ALMOST finished with the rib when I started. Will this be a slow knit? You bet.
So I think it is my next long trip (Vienna, Austria and Shanghai, China) so, yarnshops anyone??? (well, it is work again ;-) But, lots of time to knit on the plane and airports ;-)


Ulla M Holm said...
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Ulla M Holm said...

Kära Sigrid,
Din blog ÄR underbar. Och så underbart med Valencia! Jag var i Oviedo för några veckor sen och hittade inte heller något märkvärdigt garn. Vad föreläste du om? Jag har kommenterat din kommentar på min blogg.

heidi said...

Hej Sigrid,

utomlands - igen:-)

I mitt nästa liv tänker jag resa mycket mer! Spanien är ett underbart land, men en del spanjorer tycks betrakta utomlänningar som mindre önskvärda.

Garngamen said...

Jojo, jag reser som ett skållat troll. Känner att halsont (typiskt vad man får när alla sitter och hostar på flyget) börjar krypa på.
Jo, Spanien är faktiskt himla trevligt. Men inte på garnfronten hittills. Har man lite tur så är iallafall resan inte så dyr längre. Men nästan allt annat konstigt nog. Men mer resor blir det!