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Saturday, April 29, 2006

American Idol, sailboat, work -Knitting???

American IdolFan:Chris! Then, Taylor, Then Eliott. Sorry girls, Paris if fab, but I cannot stand the "kidvoice" when she does not sing. McPhee...well, mommys girl (shoot, Im just jealous! I wish I looked like her!) Then, the sailboat is in the water. No mast is on, we totally collapsed after getting my paper in (deadline last nite) and getting up this morning at 5... So, Knitting? back and forth in the CAR to the boat. It is not warm yet, and I realize, it is still too cold for cotton knits. Drag out the winter knits again. A sock, another mitten?Hmm, I'm going to knit HOT sweaters for the sea. My hubby suggested to do fender protectors (hmmm) They sure would be unique. But, I do have some acrylic fuzzy things. That would catch the peoples attention ;-) So, more knitting.. am I loosing my fans? What happends to my knitting? Its there, its peace, tranquillity. Soothing, supporting, comforting, creative. Snuggly cosy yarn.
One stich, another one. Tickety tick. Bloggety blog. No! Hmm, the Wanja Danajeff pattern just hit me. Great sweater for the sea. Look at it. Its GREAT. Its so good, it is just enough tricky to knit. What yarn, hifa? or my Mojärv collection? Colors? hmmm. This really is knitting - dreaming. Black- and white is supposed to be in. And some accent? She is a hot one. Go Wanja!


HPNY Knits said...

I love the design! very boating. accent color should blue no? to match the boat?

Cecilia N said...

Jättefin! Och de diskreta fåglarna... *Gillar*
(Like that thing with birds!)

Och stickade fender"örngott"! Mums! Då är man desperat efter att få sticka! Tänker bara att man kan få in rejält med vatten i båten om de är blöta...

villaa ylle said...

Härlig tröja. Var har du hittat den? Ser faktiskt inspirerande ut.
Vi har ännu båten på land, men den är tvättad och bottnet är målat. Sjösättning blir det först den 10 maj. Stickade fendarsockor med fätor. Det skulle nog ingen annan ha:) Biltema har bra skydd för fendrarna, mörkblå och äkta poly.. Monica