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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Hoho... work and fun! so much OT:..

One of my more successful bowls in stoneware. Very Japanese. Anyhow, now the flash is on and working. Wow, what close-ups. Fantastic camera. Hubby could spot it was time to fix those eye-brows. That picture is NOT here, but the magnification is amazing. Blogs are a powerful thing. By just complaining on my Domino-top, I got the strenght to work on it on the way to the shop. I also had to review some 9 papers....its been a working weekend. But cold is getting better. I just wish I COULD RELAX. Im high strung as a violin, and I feel Im not enough. That is a bad state. I catch myself longing for swimming in the sea. Then comes a hefty shower, making that heat turn in to fresh - and cold. The nights are getting shorter, already darker at half 9, tells me the fall has arrived. And I have to force myself back to some more work. Long week.I know I have had this pic before, but Televinken has captured my hart. My childhood idol - painted by my brother, is what I which I could have - always right - very creative and curious. He waves to you out ther in the blogiverse. I realizes I do not like the current state Im in. Not taking care of my health. Not being able to relax. Why do I feel so much pressure? Well, time to make things managable. Make take a walk. I have only taken 1389steps today out of 10 000 so it is time to take a night walk.


Maggan said...

Tråkigt att höra att du inte kan koppla av. Det är ett måste nästan i dessa dagar när allt går i 180 som det verkar tyvärr.
Det var bättre förr!! Både med tid för återhämtning och barnprogrammen med Anita och Televinken ;)
Sköt om dej!

Cecilia N said...

Såg ett reportage om din bror tror jag i lokaltidningen för ett tag sen. Anar iaf att det är han.