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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

WIP or UFO-list... Sweater confession!

For you non knitters (have I not scared you away yet?) This is knitting-lingo, UFO is unfinished object, and I always thought WIP was "very important project" but that should be VIP - so "Work (knitting is not WORK) in progress". Hmm, Im sure you will correct me. ON or OtN is also ok - "On the Needles". And that is true. I buy knitting-needles. They are all tied up in some yarn ;-) When is it a knitting project a UFO or WIP? for me it is all UFO. When Im knitting on something else. Especially when I start with something new. Definitely more than casting on. Interesting. The Sweater A Month KAL forced me to make a list. But - this is only a "drip" in the ocean of started sweaters. So this list will just make you tired. And order? Should I start with "least time left to knit"? Gah - I have the list below right coloumn... hmmm. The best way to make a list (which I love - I love MAKING lists)... but difference with work is that this list is not solid in rock. This is plan that can be changed. So- what about this? Plans to knit 2007 (ha!)
August Sweater: Must finish top, must finish domino top - and maybe Noro Silk-garden cardi. September Sweater: I already started - It must be WILDAPPLE Bohus. I will try and get it on the long flight! Also, Start on 6 cap's to boss. October: Brioche- one threaded lime-green - one front half shoulder and collor - and two sleeves. and starting on Viola scarf November: Hanne Falkenberg Sweater Studio 9 (alt- Marianne Isager) (This might be Hexagon sweater instead - where should I fit it in?) December: Jaeger Aran Cable sweater with left to do is: front and two sleeves then start on Islandic Cardigan (Sticka-pattern). But friends: Im going to China (Shanghai and Beijing) on Saturday. Anyone knows an address in Shanghai for a Cashmere yarn? Time to tell me now! Anyhow - the long flyingtrip will definitely make it a 24 hour + knitting trip. That will definitely make a dent in some of the knittingprojects. Is that good or what. Im more thinking about what knitting to bring than any other packing. It is the first thing I pack. Today was a happy day.


Mary, Mary... said...

Have a safe trip! it's still in the 30sC here--I can't even begin to think of autumn. That poor deer would not be safe here in Texas, hunting season starts very soon.(and, yes, they do eat all the of the prettiest flowers)

BertandFelix said...

I am going to Hong Kong in November again. Still haven't knited with all the yarn I bought last year.

Hope you find your cashmere!