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Monday, August 27, 2007


Those little buggers are eating my rose-buds. But Hubby at least captured the little devils (yes they do have horns) on camera. Nothing has happened that is not work-related. At least I had a good nights sleep and a great lunch. The Ikki-zen at Kista Galleria - which is a bento of tempura, sushi and same Yakitori. You have realized Im only filling blogspace up - instead of talking about somehting more knit-related. Knit related. What is my
my UFO - planned project list? Would that make us happy? Or is it just stressing? OK, UFO-list! Socks: 3 different pairs ongoing: 1. Hydragena socks from Hila, 2. home-spun woolsock where my fleece ran out (need to spin more now for second sock) and my third sock is the Austrian wool sock, where one heel is finished, and starting on then second, but yarn will be different for toes probably. Mittens: 1. From Handplagg (the Norweigan mitten book) p.203 Telemark Vott, I have knitted the gloves (1.25 mm) but all embroidery is left. 2. I have a started 1 Latvian mitten in Baby Alpacka in blue, white &grey that is sooo slow, but will be great to wear - except detailed pattern will not show and 3. the other Latvian mitten in Östergötland woolspinnery that I entered the contest (and lost) with - I only had yarn for one mitten, now I got more. and 4 the secret brother half-glove mitten for wood chipping and collecting in winter... needs to be re-knit. And then: UFO shawls: 1. Haapsalu lace shawl from Tiina course. Pattern and all memory of it is gone. 2. I have done the Faroese shawl, but must have taken in too sharp and messed up in the end, so I plan to frog half of it and reknit. 3. I must do Aunt Violas Birch in dark blue. Ahh... Lets wait with the UFO sweaters list for another day ;-)


Milly said...

What a beautiful deer, i'm sorry he is eating your rose buds.
My dog killed a rabbit that ventured into our yard after the hosta no doubt.

Anonymous said...

At least the deers are nice to look at, instead of the Spanish slugs (Arion lusitanicus) which are eating everything in my garden!