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Saturday, August 25, 2007

New camera...new computer

Ok, Photo is inside. No flash. The new Pentax K10 that can take my objective from the old LX SLR. But, I think we need a new one - with zoom and all the autofunctions. It feels Im coming back. I somehow have had a Pentax all my life. More and better pictures. A program that actually CROP.... That will be an enhancement. Anyhow, this is Domino top. Anyhow, I crashed into a knitting cafe at Maria's today. A lot of lace going on. And we discussed Loop-d-loop Ballerina Shirt by Teva Durham. I luve it. I just used the Pantagonia cotton.. and added some stiches. Great pattern. Maria had also added a Garnstudios Muscat (cotton), but it became a bit sturdy for me. I want it to be airy - it is a summer-top and in sommer it is hot. But, looking at the Patagonian hand dyed cotton again. I really enjoy the colours. Being a good girl I did not buy any yarn. I think the hand-dyed and-spun 50 gram (1 pound) for the sum of 400 SEK = 57.87 American Dollars - is a bit hefty. My guess is Maria want the yarn for herself! It was wool from Taos in New Mexico... (I think...). So Eunny Jang is the new favourite? Well, she has not the same bodyshape as mine, definitely some good patterns. Anyhow, back to work. Reviewing papers.... Tack care! New plans and new knitting. And - they only take the knitting NEEDLES on the plane- never the knitting. So it is not that bad. But it has never happened to me. But the needles today - 130 SEK for 5 Rosewood dpn (=14 UsDollars) mabe I would not like to loose..Hexagon shirt by Norah Gaughan - Nature Knitting has become the "secret bedroom knitting".

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