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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Back from Paris and some more Speede..

The classical picture. The new head-piece from France. And - this is me. Oh, I have missed the blogging. Actually I have been 3 days in Rijen (Breda) in Holland, and then 4 days in Paris. Work, but at least a weekend in Paris. And, It has been a lot of knitting. The new plane craze for water, makes them totally ignore wooden circular needles - equal size to pen.. so, I have done half an enterlac in Malabrigo (turqoise/Emerald) and Kuyreon (nr 183, that has just the same tinte of turqoise in it). Is it busy? You bet. It is a colour-chock. But Malabrigo get the best recommendations from me. Soft as a whisper, knits thick and filling, and is surprisingly long for a hank (usually thick yarn is so short). I pure pleasure to knit. Paris was raining (in picture it just cleared up), and my favourite food Beuf Tartar (sorry guys, it is RAW MEAT) was so tasty the first evening, that it was worth one day of very frequent visits to WC's. Say no more. At least it was only one end, so it was manageable. Anyhow, In the rush between packing, I remebered the name of where to go, but did not print the blog, so I had to phone to find it. After a day of chasing, we ended up at La Drougerie . Of course, this was a shop filled to the brim with goodies. It did a fine job presenting yarn (wool, alpacka, cashmere, cotton, blends) in the same colour-scheme. All hanging in hanks displayed. Unmarked yarn. You needed to stand in line for 30-40 minutes to get help. So, a weird experience, when I had husband (and a bunch of frustrated men) pacing outside the door when I had gladly said "it will only take 15 minutes dear". But being "etranger" is not always bad. I decided, and somehow got to buy some expensive cashmere (10 g, 4 Euro).
But the experience for me was the weaved silk-bands. This fits just right into my Speede-sweaters. So I bought a meter of this and that. Just great. Bon Marche? I wish. I was content.
I had my little bag - and HEY I have a yarn room.
So, How did my course-work look like? Half way through (I'm not finished) I have slaughtered a sweater (to practice before I knit the new), and done the band attachments and some stiches. This is how it looks like in progress... You will have more later. And I have so much more to show and tell. This blog will be busy the next days.


HPNY Knits said...

hey, welcome back! great classic shot of Paris! I am so glad you made it to La Drougerie. it is the more cool local for yarn in Paris!
sound like you had fun and had a chance to knit!

Mia said...

Hej, malabrigo är ju underbart, men jag tycker min Clapotis, som jag stickade i det garnet, nopprar sig något vansinnigt. Ska bli intressant att höra om det bara är mitt eller om det är fler som upplever samma sak. Och sen undrar jag om du fått din Vogue holiday.

gail said...

Oh, I found la Droguerie in Paris this summer, and it was fabulous!!!! I barely got out alive--all the oohing and ahhing and heart stopping beautiful ribbons, and designs to die for!!! And I didn't have enough time. Hubby and daughter were waiting at Le Printemps and I had to take a quick taxi to get there on time.

Zoe said...

Love the pic of the Eiffel Tower. You look very happy. Yarn shop sounds divine. Not a meat eater myself ugh! :))

Me said...

hey, I am sorry that you didn't look me up here in Paris (but I had an ober crazy week with childcare problems so wouldn't have had time, probably). Glad you liked your stay here. And La Droguerie is a funny place, isn't it? And soooo much nice things to find there!