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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Oh no, sick again - Paris in a fever

So,hectic at work at get back. My dear brother, the ARTIST Johan Mauritzson (my great birthday present from him on left!) came from up north for a visit. And I just got the worst cold, so I couldn't really talk. Such a sore throat. Now, I have to explain some things. My brother have a red shoe in his fridge. It is a long story, but, visiting Pompidou, the modern art museum in Paris, they had this giant shoe looking very similar, and my guess is that my brother, about 30 some years ago saw this when he was interrailing there. He does of course deny the connection.
But, the shoe (very clean!) is in his fridge. Un Object d'Arte! Anyhow, I was a bit bad yesterday, not only did I sneak off work a bit early, I also visit Maria's Yarn shop to have a good chat, and view her fantastic work. Im so impressed by her. She had knitted that fair-ilse from Loop-d-Loop, in an estonian yarn that has slow colour-changes. Just absolutely breathtaking. Of course the purpose was to buy Johannas knitting christmas calender. I confess. Im still on december 1. And decided I would stick to it.Knit it, and then open the next day. Then I just had to go to dear Nina at Nysta to make my malabrigo and Kureyon complete (I hate when I ran out in a sweater). So yarn shopping. Stockholm is so lucky! Ohh, I hate being sick. It was that rain and walking and bad belly, and all french kissing on the cheeks. The latter probably the reason, with too many hotel rooms and too little sleep, must be a good way to get some germs. Well, I have three packages of wool that I will take pictures on tomorrow. And of course the enterlac. Today I was just too bad to do it. Please excuse me. But still great Paris memories.


BertandFelix said...

Doesn't it just suck when you go somewhere and get a cold? I am still nursing a cold from Hong Kong. Grrrr.

Feel better!!!!

Zoe said...

Hope you feel better soon.

HPNY Knits said...

oh no! sorry to hear you got a bug. ar travel seems to be a place that can do nothing but pass bugs.
we want to see yarn pix though- so hope you'll feel better soon!

brother Johan said...

About the shoe: I´ve shown it at The Stockholm Art Fair 1994 as a " refridgerated cool shoe" an nobody understod the concept, at least I had a laugh about it.
brother Johan