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Sunday, May 28, 2006

So, two posts a day ;-)

Missing some blogging action, so, here is more reports. Hardly any time to knit on my busy trip, but it was morethan 11 hours on the plane, which made some slow progress to my Rowan Cottonsoft 4ply Julia, that I knit in my size which means 1 extra pattern on each side. Of course I also change the pattern to circular. I laugh at myself, I thought I should finish it before I was coming home, and planned for a second knitting... but I restrained myself. So, have I knitted 30 cm?

Anyway it is soft and nice to knit, and excellent for travel. Im worried as always that my yarn is not enough. And I was about to drop it, and start with my Catherine Parr. But I really got a problem. I'm not happy with the yarn I have chosen. I will definitely do one more sample before going for it. So, like the Shanghai Pearl Tower? I was up there and it has a turing resturant. Beautiful city, it really felt safe and exotic. But not for the weak hearted. On one menu I found Peng quain and after really saying that a few times I realized it was Penguin! (Yepp, they provided a picture!) So, stuck to the dim sum and Shanghai noodles. (Anyway. Sorry, Suzanna if I sounded rude about the mittens) I didn't mean to, of course you wouldn't.. but it is a common and published pattern on them, what made them great are the colours. I'm still into the lime... so what about Catherine Parr in brown with a yellow/lime border? Gold is not the easiest colour to reproduce.
Well Julia close up (yes you can enlarge the picture by a click) really show how endless this knitting is going to be. I have a bad habit of starting knitting that goes on "forever". So when the colour is totally out of fashion, then they will be ready. Please comment, it is so nice to have contact with the world.
Any summer knitting plans??


HPNY Knits said...

welcome back! sounds like you had a very exciting trip! too bad you did not get to the Chinese shop, but sounds like Vienna is yarn hopping.
Wow! No wonder it takes a long time- the pattern is soooooooooo complicated. For a trip I take something like a sock, or hat, simple, mindless fast...
I also like dim-sum, I wonder if it is different in China.

Garngamen said...

Oh, so nice of you! Yepp, it was exiting. Pattern is not soo complicated (12 rows).. but it is thin, and I'm a big woman...so itis many stiches.. Dim sum was great, sometimes weird, and all food was just drenched in MSG (Monosodium Glutaman) which gave me a interesting migrane. Most tea's tasted like dishwater (I guess the water used wasn't bottle water). Im sure US Dim-Sums are yummie. One morning the hotel had made small cylindic dim-sums with pork that were excellent (took 7 servings or so ;-)

Zoe said...

Just found your blog through the Wool Fanlisting. Your trip sounds very interesting. Love the knitting. Best wishes from rainy England! :)))

Anna said...

"Julia" ser helt underbar ut! Vilket mästerverk det kommer att bli.