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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Jetlagging - fiber sleeping

Big decision time. Time to lay my Rowan Julia aside, and get into the Tudor Roses KAL! Winding up the Catherine Parr yarn. This means, go go go! I'm still totally in the air with yarn, but hey... inspired by... Then the jetlag hits me and my brain zoomes out to a dragon- Chinease - red red... and gold. In my dreams I see silk being spun and how this becomes a beautiful silk sweater, and I rembember that I also have started a green recycle silk sweater. It is in my yarn room. It knits fast. But, I only knit on it for a few rows each day. Swatch swatch...Hmm.. Still need to finish my muscat. And my circular (Anne Modisitt) from Vouge. By the way, what happened to my Vouge subscription?
Confusion, tired, jettlagged. No time for serious knitting decisions.

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Knit-Marie said...

Tack för trevlig kommentar om min top! Som du såg, i forumet, var garnet Harlekin. Jag jagar runt i granbutiker för att roffa åt mig mer innan det utgår, men har inte fått så mycket napp.
Väldigt spännande blog du har. Den bokmärker jag.
Ses vi på Mariatorget 10/6 för Sticka Offentligt-dagen?