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Sunday, May 28, 2006

I'm back from Vienna (Austria) and Shanghai (China)

I will give you a long review of Vienna yarnshopping, but this is an exiting picture from Shanghai. And I must say, what an exotic place. Thanks for the global Starbucks that at least gave me great coffe in both Vienna and Shanghai. And the dim sims were fantastic. And the wheater. I passed ONE yarnshop in the taxi near Deng feng road, But, when the taxi driver does not understand one word, it is hard to ask them to stop and wait. The Vienna shopping was better. It started horrible (but a great dome)...but it turned out when I gave up yarn chasing I stumbled into MANY exotic yarnshops. And when my dear friend volunteered to carry some of my stuff back to Sweden (since I was going for Shanghai shopping), it was a given hit. I just got some great cotton from Filatura the crosa). To remind you, the shops are close and around the west station..... Neubaugasse had two shops and Maria Hilfer Strasse had some (according to rumour- since I had my whole research bunch on the lookout for me ;-) WEll Taylor won American Idol, and his last performances were fantistic (I saw Elliot leave in China!) so, good choice. But I think if I would buy a record it would be Chris'! Anyhow, now it is time to check the sailboat, and kiss my hubby a bit more, the heart really grows fonder with a bit of distance. But I will be back with my progress on Julia! And pictures of my new yarn (when I have got it from my friend!)

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