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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Vote for the best mitten!

So, friends of Garngamen! Give me your vote on my traditional latvian mitten ;-) Traditional (the rules) meant follow pattern, but you could use any colour scheme you wanted! One mitten is the only requirement. Here is the link to the KAL (the prize is - I hope - some shetland yarn from Jamisons!) Otherwise, my weekend has been about cleaning the sailingboat. Mostly laying double and trying to get some - dirt away from the plastic...My back hurts. Had my knitting (now it is a the cotton summer sweater! - sleeves...) with me.. so some rows it has been. And Actually, I winded up some balls from my recycled silk (handpainted grass-green), that I started up on a circular needle... To be honest, that last knit is in my "yarnroom", just before going to bed. Almost a "bedknit". It is cold in there, so it cools me off before going to bed. They say it slows down the system, and makes one sleepy.. but today. I will stumble to bed. Take care!


Anonymous said...

Eftersom jag ligger lite back i tiden har jag inte förrän nu hunnit läsa senaste veckan i din blog. Vilka urtjusiga påskägg du gjort. Är det rakubränt (ungefär den enda keramiska term jag kan efter att ha varit med vid ett enda tillfälle :-) )?? Himla fina är de i alla fall.

HPNY Knits said...

I could not see your mitten when I click on the link?

Garngamen said...

Keramiska ägg nej, de är i stengods. Ett är Raku (bravo).

Dear NY hpny knits, secret is out, everyone here knows my name - Sigrid (so that is the missing mitten - it was so ugly so the picture fell out of the webb) - Im truely on last place, but hey thanks for cheering me on) And - no one thinks I need any more yarn, having seen my yarn-room, so...Do not let me win ;*)

Dipsy said...

Hi from Austria! You definitely got my vote, this is such a beautiful mitten - you did an amazing job with that!

HPNY Knits said...

okidoki! now i get it.