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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Intresting meetings,and more confessions

So dearest Britt is a gem (Britt på nätet)! She is also a great Architect, (like my dad was), in the way, she is honest and straight forward, something I apprechiate. So, she took a look at my hub, and I was so enchanted, I totally forgot my manners (no offerings of coffe, snack or anything, which is a must - FIKA if you are a good hostess). Well, this is an example of me not functioning. So, Im totally last in the mitten competition.. (Revoting going on, my mitten tried to escape (feeling ashamed) and did not want to be on the picture. So it is a new vote ongoing. see link below).Also, Mrs Murphy knits too (Heard about Murphys law? Anything that can go wrong will...!) it is a mantra for testers like me. Anyway, since computer bugs is both my friends and my favorit focus for years, they also listned to my inner quantum physics, and decided, that I do have too much yarn. So voting for me is just ego. But, no one can fool great knitting ladies. It is true, I have from this learn that using too small needles compared to the yarn, does make it uneven in a way that cannot be fixed by blocking. It shows. Of course, it adds to the home-made knit, but take's away appearances. So.Live and learn.Thank you anyway for cheering me on. Maybe Dipsy Doodle from Oz, share my colour sense, because I have lived in Melbourne (first off Lygon St, then Nth Balwyn) for a while... Does the sun changes the feel for colours? Yepp. I'm sure of it. More sun - more strong colours. Less sun, mild colours. Finally, this is a swatch of Gotland patterns with a lacy feel, that I did into a glove. Well, that has my name on it (not in picture!). So, I guess I just have to go to Shetland and by my own yarn. THAT could be a trip. Well, you have no idea what is up for me. First Valencia, then Vienna, and then Shanghai. Of course - suggestions of yarnshops can always come in handy, yeah, right, - I DONT NEED MORE YARN ha!)

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HPNY Knits said...

its not about needing, but rather about the comfort of beautiful, lush and cozy items.