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Sunday, January 16, 2011

FO: Ugglor i Mossen - Owls in the bog.... and tiles

Posing in my "Ugglor i Mossen" or "Owls" as this simple, but genious pattern from Kate Davies is originally called. I gave 8 of my 23 owls eyes, and I am sorry, the picture is really dark, and does not all give the sweater and colour-changes any justice. But it is raining (!) and dark outside - and still 1 meter snow. Not ideal picture weather. The yarn is actually a finish 3-thread wool in the brown-grey blackish is the base in the slow-variation colour Sysky (meaning "autumn") and the Evilla slowly changing is a "pre-yarn" or for-yarn (Förgarn) which is not really a yarn, it is an unspun "wool-rowing" thread. And then the superthin fingering-lace from Evilla wool, which runs like a green with some orange in it - also slowly varigated - is the highlight that makes it all so alive. I think I concluded that having the same buttons would be the pretties, but I dived into my stash, and found what I could - so I could pose in it. After all - I cannot linger - I have 23 more sweaters to knit this year ;-) And this was the first - already behind! Anyhow - Iam proudly standing in front of our home-made tiles in the Kitchen that turned out great. Not it is "only" getting the last electricity appliances in place, and we are done with the Kitchen! We are so exited it is finally happening. But still a building spot! Anyhow - Both husband and I are very proud of our tiles. We are still oooohing and ahhing ourselves when we walk in the kitchen - and really - it was very fortunate that we spent so much effort and time, since now it is not just a kitchen... it feels like artwork.I think it is the small things that really makes our life wonderful. Being happy in the kitchen, finding a new Indian resturant with class (Indian Garden on Söder). And the Amaryllis is blooming. Then it feels so much better - even if my bummer of a cold came back with a vengance.... that is the punishment for celebrating my friends achievements on their PhD. It was Stefans C's turn. Such a positive guy!
Anyhow - we also visited dear mom in Söderbärke. She has such a beautiful house, and it is so cosy. We had such a good time togehter - which is always nice. Well, I have so much going on, but since I do have a bad (?) habit of not staying true to only one project, it takes some time to get done.


Anonymous said...

Love you owls (and also the saying, which is the same in Danish) ;)
Beautiful, utterly beautiful tiles!!! I understand why it has become a favorite place - it must have a very special feel that kitchen!

Milly said...

I love your sweater, I just finished a sock that would go well I think with it.

The tiles are very lovely. It is wonderful hownsmall things can make such big difference.

Carrie#K said...

The sweater is lovely but I want a sunny weather photo of it when you can get one!

Those tiles are amazing.

Purlista said...

which is more beautiful, your Owls or the tiles? I can't choose - they both win!! The owls looks great on you too - probably the most flattering version of that sweater that I have seen.