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Thursday, January 06, 2011

Resolutions! 2011 is Wonderful!

It is still snowing - and with the cold - I am still "blowing" my nose. Anyhow - 2011 has welcomed us in a great way. I just "had" to start the Inspira sweater (based on a cowl that is based on a hat that is based on....Yeah you know what I mean).
The pattern does much better in slow changes of colour like Noro.. but in this case - the yarn picked me - really a wonderful "wet" feeling of silk, mohair, alpaca... but mostly silk. I am in love with it already. Summing up the last year was easy. Facing the fact I have now 50 (including this) unfinished sweaters on the needles, and another 20 hats, mittens, and socks waiting to get done have brought me to my senses! The Resolution for this year is very straight forward - and I intend to honour them - it is my life.

1. Finish my PhD. This is the year it is happening. I finally got the entire thing grasped. It sure will be a party to remember!
2. Finish at least 24 sweaters! This in itself will consume most of my knit time.
3. Increase Gym-time to double of this fall: And watch just a bit more what I eat (portion control).

Then there is a "attempt" or "stretch-goal" as we say it at work: Aim for having not more than 30 WIP's at end of the year.
Note - I am STILL contemplating if I will jump on the February Cast On Mania - that means another 28 new things knitted. So. IF I am doing that - I think a reasonable stretch goal is to get below 50 WIP's....


Linda/Purlista said...

Happy New Year Sigrid! I can't wait to see how your inspira sweater turns out - I also have been 'stalking' this pattern. Also ooking forward to your oter 50 projects in 2011! Your creativity is so inspirational

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!!!

What a wonderful idea to turn the inspira into a sweater!

I look forward to another year knowing you (and following your blog)

Carrie #K said...

Happy New Year! A PhD and 24 sweaters? Busy year!