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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Absolutely nothing interesting to say.

I am just saying. A picture inside in the dark house vs. a picture in the sun "on the roof" is a lot different. Here is Leitmotif in full sunshine. (see more two postings back)...yeah, MUCH better picture. The cables show better, and a black underneath is doing it justice. But - it is a slack brim, so not perfect yarn for this item. We are of course thinking a lot on our dear friends in Australia, especially in Brisbane, where the floods have been real bad. But I hear they are ok. Here we still have to clime the top floor to get a good sunshine. So, a picture from the our aboriginal painting has both a sense of coffe-beans, and the burning hot. No -our kitchen is not ready yet. Still some electricity work postponed for yet again. I am progressing on other sweaters, but for some reason - nothing is done. All are "in progress". Thank you all for the nice comments on the tiles. We love the too! It is just wonderful somehow. Ohh, a kitchen. We bought new pots and pans, and a cookbook - the Julia Child to make ourselves happy.. it is all the "master chefs" versions going on TV. Australian, English professional and US. We cannot stand the Swedish one. I do not know why. Well, otherwise all is well here in the cold country.

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Carrie#K said...

Natural sunshine makes a huge difference, sadly. Looks good!