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Friday, March 06, 2009

Flash my stash and startitis...

It is a bit early with Flash my stash - but I can reveal the new containers of
the garngamen yarnroom. On the right behind the chair you can see my new project yarn, Wåhlstedts Vålberg yarn that is to be used in St. Brigid (from Aran Knitting/Starmore). Closeup below ;-) Anyow - you cannot spot the 4 boxes above the left Billy bookcase on the left. It is alot. These boxes definitely hold some 10 Kg of yarn...Only one on the right. Ok.. I have more corners, but these contains at least half of my yarn ;-) Nice to have your own yarn room. I must say Im mourning Nysta's closing her shop. I was there just a day too late (misread the sell-out date), and all cleaned out. Nina's shop was great - but I guess she will be around on the net. Not the same as touch and feel though, and the great chats I have with her. You grow fond of your local LYS. That is a fact. But still... I had startitis and just HAD to start the aran. I have been looking at the pattern and yarn for years now, and frustrations from my other knitting just craved for a nice starting - which is the best. New yarn, new pattern and a lot of fun. Otherwise Im trying hard to keep finishing stuff. But this yarn wanted my attention. What has kept me back is the fact it is 2-.400 meters too short (or more) We will see how that can be compensated. Otherwise it is still snow and grey, with some "slush" factor here in Sweden. It feels cold, since it is "humid" cold... an I guess all pictures have a dark teint to it - even with flash! Keep on knitting out there! The spring will come. And soon we fly out to a great vacation in Oz. Have a nice weekend.


heidi said...

wow - det där är inget garnlager - snarare en garnhimmel:)

hur hittar du bland alla dina garner? minns du dom eller har du någon form av system?

det skall bli jätteroligt att se hur din St Brigid kommer att bli. färgen ser underbar ut:)

Anonymous said...

St Brigid ser fantastisk ut. Hoppas att garnet inte tar slut för tidigt.

Vilket härligt garnrum med ordning och reda...


Mary, Mary... said...

Girl, you have been busier than a one-armed paper hanger! I love the Poetry in Stitches sweater(on my life list of patterns) and I'm totally impressed by the yarn room. Lots and lots of lovely yarn hiding in there, to be sure.

HPNY Knits said...

this is serious! wow. love it. great boxes. you can see the yarn but its organised. nice.

Milly said...

A yarn room to envy for sure.
The aran looks yummy.
We had snow and ice storm here on Monday. Now a week later, it is 74F!
It feels like spring today.