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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Progress in sweater-land

This is Poetry of Stitches - Hisdahl - Wedding Cardigan. The holes will be where it is folded. So almost there. but STILL two sleeves to go...Im Trying to decide if I should; a) cast off and fasten - fold the steek on the outside, and make a special extra band to hide it? or b) cast off and fasten, but cut the steek so close - resew and turn it IN the edge (which will probably hide it, .c) just continue to knit on the inside to create a longer inside flap to cover it. or just fold it, and make a nice fastening (edge) of it (hopefully does not show in front...I have no idea. b) is least likely. a) is my strongest hint but c has the advantage of "just continued"... therefore it is halted- awaiting the best destiny. Now A.Starmores "Luskentyre" is progressing.. but in some for of ultrarapid motion for the moment. I have realized I messed up, and the size ball weight changed from 38 g to the standard 25. Since I ordered nr of hanks, I had no idea about this - and I have already since the end of some yarn.. Im not really sure, but I continue as long as I can (yeah- pic is upside down...so what? it reflects my life right now. OK, what really takes something to discuss is that I picked up the india top "pinktober". And knitted away two sleeves, and started the yoke and short rows, evindece of a sleeve left. All was well, and then I did the normal "try on" and yepp, I still have a distorted self-image. It hardly passed my elbow. Only one weeks evening knitting to be frogged. Yikes, that was a short romance. Back in the UFO-pile. Oh, this last peak is the secret knitting of a Lopi cardi for my for my friend. And it is not as much brown there as you would think... Just some, progress hint of what it is meant to become. Both sleeves done. Im soon getting in with the yoke. So big cleaning week. I cannot believe the amount of ceramics I have collected/done. No wonder it is dusty. But a lot of old computers is now gone to the place where all calculaters go aka "silicon heaven". So, progress is true. 3 steps forward, and one back.


Agneta said...

Har tittatflera gånger på wedding cardigan. Den är så fin. Ska bli jättespännande att få se din färdig.

heidi said...

jag är nog också benägen att tycka att det första alternativet är det bästa. mest för att det är det enklaste, även om jag kan inse attraktionskraften i alternativ c, sticka på och hoppas att problemet löser sig av sig själv:)

det var en diskussion på någon sticklista på nätet för några år sedan när man gjorde garnnystanen mindre, du är inte den enda som missade det, snarare verkar du vara i gott sällskap.

fast jag hoppas såklart att den blir klar ändå! såhär långt ser den fantastisk ut!

spännande med ditt hemliga projekt till din vän:) men du brukar ju ha god smak, så jag är övertygad om att den kommer att bli jättefin:)

Sue (in Va) said...

the sweaters are all beautiful....such detail.....my concentration skills would never reach that level!!! i do well with one color!!!!