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Thursday, November 27, 2008

FO: Hourglass Socks

The Hourglass Socks are finished. Three pictures with and without flash, inside and outside. Same socks. And - the warm colour is probably the one most close to reality. It is just too dark to really get the pictures right. These socks almost broke my aim to do all socks for the StickaMera SockKAL. But Im not really giving up yet. Still hanging in there. These were knitted in Alpacka SOX yarn. A strange yarn, with the fuzziness of Alpacka, but strong as the nylon few procent to make it durable. But, no sproing, no elastisity. Perfect October sock colours, soft and nice.... But I also suspect they are a little to big, and also hard to shrink. So, another choice of yarn had probably made this a smoother ride. And I also have another hank of this yarn, other colourways.
Otherwise, I wonder what is really good sockyarn. Also, the socks should not only be pretty, so heavy cabling on the foot? No, that will not fit in normal shoes. I went for socks I could wear. So, the choice is limited. Of course I want them pretty. But next year Im picking socks I have chosen. Maybe do my own patterns... well, the year is not over so I still have to knit on. My cold is still holding a firm grip, congesting my head, making me cough, and filling my lunghs.... with... no, not air!
There are so many great patterns out there. So, time to cast on again.

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