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Sunday, November 23, 2008

OT: Books and Cold...

Garden today. Snow, cold, and with the "blue light" that is typical of Swedish winter. It is one hour before the sun goes does in the afternoon that has this mysterious light. It reflects the way we look at white. I was out shopping for gifts, when I found a new Swedish book "Sticka Mera", containing my friend Nicoles fab knits. The book otherwise the usual lecturing for beginners and too many swatches...but a a copy-cat Bohus was not too shabby, as well as the some of the other sweaters. Nicole shined, her beads were visible! The other book - designing a Knitware collection - had all the inspiration I desier. Of course geared at commersial machine-knits, it had all the essential designers, all the 1900 knitware influences, with many inspiring colour combinations. Found a pair of really complicated socks in intarsia the inspired my juices. Or... was the the mounth full of Lindt 85% choclate, with hubby's best Caffe Latte (you know, done with that special ingredient - love!)... Hmm. I guess Im so passed the usual knit-books. More of "very advanced knitting" please. Must I write it myself? No, I have no time. Anyhow, here is winter, and the usual cold is coming - as always - when the temprature drops below freezing. Oh? You did not get that? Cold outside AND I have also got the cold ;-), Attjo! Typical... when the deadlines are slamming around me like the wind is howling outside. Ohh knit, comfortable knit. Where are those days you were allowed to be sick, and not had to work?


Milly said...

We have cold early here this year. For us the coldest months are February and March, November is usually just in the 40's at night, But we are having nights in the 20s and 30s and 40s during the day! I hope we get some snow too!

heidi said...

äntligen snö:)

roligt med ett par bokrecensioner på din blogg. med tanke på allt ditt kunnande var det roligt att läsa vad du tyckte om dom:)