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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Golden Oldies

I found this old great knit I invented in the 70ties... Cat n Rat, fish and anchor, harts and waves... just inventing patterns and knitting... I noted here that this was way to small for me (even then) must be around 60-70cm in the round... so I have already ripped out the ladies and gents. Then I realized I did not have the heart to rip it, and it has been waiting for me since then. In Pure Farmar wool from Domus (!) I still think it is just fab. And now I have figured out what to do with it. Since steeking is no problem (ha, Im just psyching me up for it.... the wedding cardigan is so waiting) so I might just cut it up, add a back, and have a great vest (I do not think the yarn is enough for sleeves) So, when rummaging the wardrobe, I found this other golden oldie, that I knitted 81? or was it 82? It is just wonderfully soft, linen-cotton and something. Sweater and skirt - a little ensemble, that I have used so much, Im surprised it still holds shape. Not my usual color combo "but the yarn was on sale" (heard that one before?)... I wish I remember what yarn it was...... do you remember? Please help me out!
Anyhow, I have been really nostalgic lately... I have cleaned up some old papers and new papers - it is tax- declaration time here... and I also found a box of ribbons that I won on my horse many years ago. That was really fond memories, that seem so far away. Boy it is intersting threw out some stuff, other stuff goes to the bin for re-cycling.... Well, still sneezing like a robot, nose is dripping and eyes itching... m ost of it is the pollen, but Im suspecting a small cold is using the time to explode.... and Im just soo tired all the time. I think I need 3 month off - with hubby. No, back to papers, watering the plants... paying bills and you know...just a bit Ravlery first. And my knittings are growing. Slowly, slowly... Im knitting of 4 different garments right now. And it is time to get back to the sock KAL, and do some more socks. I actually use mine all the time. So it is a good knit. Good knit = often used!


HPNY Knits said...

3 months off! you go girl! you deserve it. you work too hard.

Garngamen said...

No no, I WISH I had- I think I need. But no no. Work and no play makes garngamen a dull knitter ;-) (and obviously a bad blogger) No, I do not have that much time off, but I need it. I just wish I could take it.

Mary, Mary... said...

Cats-n-Rats--I love it! would you chart it for me...please? I look at my oldies-but-goodies like elderly relatives that show up unexpectedly. I treat them with respect but, they have such loooong memories!

Milly said...

Oh the cats/rats, anchors/fish is adorable!
The ensemble is very pretty, too.
It is time for allergies here as well.

Carrie K said...

I could desperately use three months off - and the means to pay for them - myself.

I love love LOVE your "invented" cats-n-rats Fair Isle! Making a vest out of it is a fabulous idea. That knit really needs to see the light of day.

BertandFelix said...

You really need to chart the cats n rats! Know that I need to do make something out of that pattern...for myself of course.