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Sunday, July 15, 2007

London shopping yarn (2) Loop

Loop, a bit to walk from the Islington tube station it was not hard to find this little store. Filled with people, kids and mugglerhusbands, and both old little lady to find something for baby footsies, and desperate houswifes. And me. Carefully browsing the rather jampacked store for goodies. A lot of Noro, Colinette and Manos the Uruguay with the normal Debbie Bliss. A bit to messy for me - it had the same "look-and-feel" as my yarn-room, piles and baskets and knitted artifacts all over, but, definitely some finds in the sale bucket.
I got my hands on 10 balls of Noro Cash Iroha (black!) and 4 balls of the Debbie Bliss alpacka-silk dk in teal. Good backup yarn. After a lot of fondling, the Blue Sky Cotton became a summer top: one neon-lime, one black and 2 naturebeige hanks. Must have thought about whasps. Anyhow, then 1 very expensive Habu minature ball of featherlace snuck its way to the basket (10 punds! - a fortune!) - to complement the very yellow-green 2 hanks of Alchemy yarns. Cleverly layed in a Big Daddy Hosta leaf (the largerst Hosta there is!) Anyway. Silk.
Hey, to top it all off, I always buy to odd sizes circular (3.25 and 3.75) of some Addi needles. I was content, filled that empty space some. And the I have no idea what to do with the black. By the way Anna, I found no yarn in India. To be honest, I found only a very small shoppingcenter, but not like my last visits, which was more in style of street market - where you would find anything. India this time was just work.
Anyhow, Im better today. I guess my belly just wanted Swedish food and some TLC from Hubby. Im so much better. But tired. Must be relaxing. Picked cherries today, and Hubby makes me our great Italian risotto (with chicken, asparagus and saffron) Yummy! Tomorrow - the last London shopping spree posting.

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Zoe said...

Oh you got some lovely wool. I really liked Loop and yes it was quite a walk from the tube. Did you go to Stash in Putney, as well?