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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

FO Cosy warm cardigan!

Here it is, the Noro Kochoran nr 10. With yarn from US and from Nysta. Remember my earlier discussion from 22 June (just scroll below)? Pattern? Well, It was designed like a small shrug. Added and added, so, it is really my own. As well as the square buttons (stoneware).I made it in an angel by choice, I guess I have been inspired by "Project catwalk". Glasses? No it is not sunny, but I was too lazy to put on any make-up for a foto. Too much of a summerbum. Anyhow, click on picture for enlargement, and enjoy my new "hot seat" chair for a neckless (in silver). Well, I thought we were sailing, but in fact it has been stormy, thunder and cloudy. Im making more lemonade - and right now, Ice-cream from our wedding-gift ice-cream machine. You could help me out. should I add pockets? Im contemplating that... but Im afraid it will be a bit "front heavy". Also, Im thinking if I should make the collar a bit larger. I definitely have yarn for it. But it seems to "sink" on the shoulders. Also had a debate with myself to make a hood. But somehow I dropped that. What do you think? Any opinions? Actually, this sweater makes my July entry for the Sweater a month KAL. But it is a winter cosy, not for the hot summer. I Love that you daughter liked the picture. And a day-lily for joy.


Annie said...

The sweater is lovely--and those buttons are great.

I would definitely vote for a larger collar. I think it would be a better balance with the rest of the sweater--and I think you might like the shoulder area better with a shorter expanse from neck to shoulder.

Beautiful work.

Agneta said...

Ser jätteskön ut.

HPNY Knits said...

Sigrid- its marvellous! Kochoran is so cool, and I am glad you got the matching yarn. its fab!
no pockets! I like the slick look. but a bit more of a shawl collar will balance it.

Froding said...

Kommer du till Arvika något i år? Jag är på Gammelvala fre-lör nästa vecka!!

gail said...

You did a great job on your sweater!!! About the pockets, I tend to put stuff in my sweater pockets, resulting in bulges where I do not need bulges. I think that pockets make many sweaters look sloppy. Of course, if you don't put stuff in the pockets.......
Of course, if you need pockets, then go for it! Make EZ afterthought pockets with a much lighter weight yarn, and use a tight stitch. Then, maybe, the pocket won't bulge.
The sweater is gorgeous! And, you look like a movie star with the sunglasses!