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Friday, August 10, 2007

My cousins wedding! Gotland!

Wedding of my dear cousin Rebecca. My mom next to her. R's mom on the right. In Leksand folklore is mom's dear. Groom needs no presentation. So, wedding with the works. I tell you, this island have special cermonies. Great lamb and the favourite saffron-cake with slambärssylt (special berryjam from the island), and every time the bride went out - all girls ran around the table to steal a kiss from the groom, and vice versa - all to slamming the fork to the glass. Well... and then there was a Brideshow - "brudvisning" after dinner. This means a one line ad in the local newspaper for invite, and the entire community of people not directly invited to the wedding, shows up for a bit of "drikku å en kringla". Drikku is a homebrew - very special malt, juniper smoked beer-like drink, which is - of course- only local to Gotland. The maker was the third runner up for the "Drikku-world championship". Very good! Kringla is more like a pretzel - salty sticks. Anyhow, very special. Great summer day and night. It already seems so long ago. This was saturday, LAST week. Day after was a family brunch- opening of wedding presents. I also got a present. A fab, fantastic present. All the way from Bolivia. Where I still hope I will get the photo of its original buyer. My dear cousin R's Brother S. luves the south america, and have been there hiking. I of course wanted some yarn - any yarn, just for treasure. He got sick and forgot (or did not find any)- but asked his dear girlfriend C (!) to fulfill my wishes on her trip with a friend. What a story. So here it is, the ball of yarn on a Cadillac (which the wedding couple was moved around in). Alpacka, of course. Feels it is directly from the animal (meaning - could be washed), but a curiosity for sure. Now the problem changes. What to do with it. Make a cap or maybe some half mittens. Anyhow - it is still a treasure!


Zoe said...

The wedding couple look very nice and your mother does too. Lovely natural looking yarn which looks very warm. Thanks for your kind email.

HPNY Knits said...

great report on the wedding. nice to see local folklore. alpaca from Bolivia is a wonderful gift. you can combine it with some other alpaca in natural colors for a warm mitten or gloves.