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Saturday, August 11, 2007

More Gotland and the sneaky cold...

It is just beautiful around the Gotland Island. If you visit Sweden - come in the summer and make a trip here. This is the Swedish paradise. For me, this is vacation. So nice and relaxed. Knitting on a cliff with a great view of the sea. My domino-knitted squares is coming along, but to be truthful, Im not to overly hot about this technique. To much cutting yarn. I suspect it is great for using up left-over yarn. But, Im slowly moving along on this little summer top. I know I do not like it that much, since it goes slow. When I luve my knit, it is done in no time. Husband got a cold at Gotland - really sick, and our cuddling made sure I got it to, so I will not bore you with details, but honestly, I have a heavy fever - and the weather is tropical - so I cannot tell what the sweat come from. Anyhow - it feels refresing talking about Gotland - already sinking back in memory-lane. From my friend Vicki - who has been selling silver jewellery every medievel week for 21 (!) years, I bought this finish replica of an artifact. She tells me it is a sun-symbol (probably). Anyway, I miss my friend Monica - VillaYlle - What happened to you and your blog? It is sad to remove "dead" links. Anyhow, it is nice to have vacation, even if you have a cold. Just bumming around the house. Making small efforts to create some order in chaos. Still the living room is filled with the door and scraping. Anyhow, I have been into silver-making as well some years ago. But I guess I will never have enough time for all the handicraft I would like to do. I guess it I should present the YARN - after all - Im a "Yarnoholic". And - the best about Gotland is really the yarn hunt. It has at least two spinning-mills, and the Gotland sheep is just a great wool. Fab! The best about summer and holiday is - that it is ok to procrastinate. Tomorrow, tomorrow.. Then we are packing for the last sailing trip before reality sets in.

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HPNY Knits said...

sorry you are feeling sick. its worse in the summer.