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Sunday, July 29, 2007

OT: Tall Ships Race! A Sunday in Stockholm

Many nice ships, briggs, and similar large vessels coated the quayside of Stockholm. It was crowded. Tall-ships race has a visit, and it was amazing with all the masts and sails. Hubby said yesterday with a sigh, that it was UK-India that plaed cricket (not oz, as a wrongly mentioned) Sorry, Im that just explaines how much Im into it. Its a Test match and the wet english are getting whipped bad. In Stockholm city (with old town and castle in backdrop) was showers and sunny in a quick mix, rainbows time. Knit-lab, as one of the few sunday open knitshops here was passed when looking for a parking spot- but Im not up for a knit-cafe. Im saving up to handle 3 (4) days of knitting meeting (Stickstämma) in Leksand. It is a nice place to meet other knitting maniacs. Anyhow. I have started to shop for the tea-cup swap. A mug - and some local mixed tea.... hmmm and what yarn now... I need a special shopping day tomorrow for that - NK only had Rowan and Schachmeyer- nothing Scandinavian. So... what a great excuse. Or - a rummage in my yarnroom maybe? That is much harder. I have plans for almost everything. Im doing nothing and Im so tired. Got my 10000 steps today at least. And some great pictures. And yes dear H. I know, of course I will knit them together - I follow Vivian H.'s Domino-knitting advise. This was just the first (bottom) row below. Also, I joined the Bohus Knitting KAL. Of course. Im a Bohus sweater collector. I love them. And "the Wildapple" just arrived. Looks great.


Zoe said...

Love the photos of the tall ships. They came to our town many, many years ago.

Mary, Mary... said...

I got to see the tall ships in Miami one time--can you imagine living on one? I love the Sea Silk and all those lovely blue yarns. Cheers!