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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Great Swap! Great fun! And a lot of anticipation!

Yarn in a Teacup swap is a hit! Great job Zoe! I recieved a package yesterday, and here is half the content, the choclate and cakes was gone so fast not camera had a chance. The tea is already used. Yummy! So having Jemisons Shetland yarn really put me on a shopping spree. What could be good from here? I have no idea what is available in England, but I have now put together a "true scandianvian" mixture for the swap and send off a package. I hope it will be recieved well. Anyhow, I also have a wedding to think about. My dear other dear cousin Rebecka is getting hinged - in Gotland, where she lives. Hubby and I have really gotten into shopping - something we are not very used to. I mean - R. does not want yarn, so I have no experience! Yarn I have ideas about. Also Ingemar Bergman - the famous Swedish director died... He was old, but if you have never seen a Bergman movie - you do not understand the "country sorrow". Like Fanny and Alexander. I think it won an Oscar for best foreign movie. It should have. All filmed in Uppsala. What a tale. Yep, Bergman is deap as the sea. I feel superficial like summer wind. This night I had a dream, I was in Reykavik (which I have never been), with no map, and could not find any shop with Lopi (but several yarn stores), the only yarn I found was either acrylics (which I do not like) and the Anny Blatt Cashmere (same colour I already bought) and I could not work out the exchange rate to Swedish croners (can never have enough) What a dream! Of course some resemblance with the recent Tallin visit ;-) My husband lauged at me when I told him. I Mean - no Lopi in Reykavik! What a disaster. I guess I dream about yarn now. What a great life. Last night I finished the collar to the cosy sweater. It is much better. Thanks for encouragement. Now, I have started to plan for the Stickstämma in Leksand What knit to bring. What courses I had entered. And what will happen. Then it is straight home and night boat to Gotland for the wedding. Should I pack yarn for that too? That will be GREAT! But - This blog will probably be on vacation for a week. But you never know. I might be able to drop you a line. Anyhow, living on a tallship, Mary? No, Im much to comfortable. Our own little sailboat is much more cosy - I goes in small bays, and it is just enough. Big is not always better - except for a yarnstash! Take care.


Zoe said...

Glad you like the yarn and there is enough of the peony to make gloves - if you want the pattern, please let me know. It really softens up on knitting. Have a great time at the wedding. Sorry to hear about Bergman - his death was widely reported over here.

BertandFelix said...


Send me your email address so I can add you to the KAL...you have to join you know. You have no choice.

Here is my email... bertandfelix AT gmail DOTcom