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Friday, May 25, 2007

Tagged - 7 random facts about me!

Dearest Texas Mary tagged me ( I hope the storms didn't get you - I just watched CNN) and I will not pass this along.. Sorry - feel free! Anyhow some Random facts about me:

One: I use knitting magazines as a visiulizing aid to get to sleep, when Im wind up from work. Dreaming about great sweaters and indulging in fiber and colour (and yes - I admit) thinking about how much better I could desing, choose yarn and improve the pictures - gets me in a great mood of self-worth and fantasies that makes me tired with good dreams. (and I am a night owl - so Im constantly trying to go to bed earlier and get up earlier).

Two: I was a man-eater when I was younger. After 10+ years of intensive gestalt theraphy (becoming a gestalt therapist) and meeting my husband - I have eyes for no one else! That is true character change!

Three: Being on the subject of hubby, he is an excellent cook, so we are really wining and dining toghether - and a lot of candel-light dinners. First we chewed us through all resturants of Stockholm, then Melbourn Oz and now his great home-cooking. Being lazy by nature (and a computer-geek) I have gained weight like a hippopotamus- baby.

Four: Now being a hippo, I indulge in my earlier "greatness" in sports. I competed horses in show-jumping and cross-country events (have owned four of them), - which filled my bookshelf with prizes. I have danced classical ballet for 15 years, competed in volleyball ladies and mixed, have practiced Kioukyshin Karate, and I was definitely a disco-diva for years. I have run Solstastaffetten, Maja Gräddnos and DN-stafetten and other small races (no not marathon) with decent results.

Five: I have a ceramic studio in my basement - I loved it - but I saw great potterist (?) living of "nothing" and I do love economic security, so It is just another hobby alongside knitting, sailing, gardening and house improving.

Six: When I was 10 I posed as the Swedish Pippi Långstrump (Pippi longstocking) double, since we were at the same riding-camp. I handled the media -without them knowing! That was a true moment of fame for me. I think I would have been a great actor if I ever tried it.

Seven: Im a screen-addict. I watch to much TV in parallell with playing Civilzation (a computer game) , knitting, working, blogging etc... I feel this addiction is my greatest problem - which makes me a couch-potato. Anyhow, I seem to get a lot done in my life - I guess that is because absence of kids. Anyhow, I have really pulled my self into walking my 10 000 steps a day and cutting down a little on the choclate. And If I had lived in NY - I would take up Pilates with a very special great teacher - that is for sure!

Ttthatts alll foooolllllkkkss! Back to writing my Licenciate Thesis.


BertandFelix said...

I love learning about the inner-you. :)

Oh, please don't cut down on the chocolate...no..not that. This past year chocolate stated to give me migranes. I am so jealous of anyone who can eat it.

MarieE said...

Love your site, which I often visit. Please, keep on enjoying life - I do!

Mary, Mary... said...

I love the idea of you as Pippi Longstocking--lol.My hubbo has become quite a good cook as well and I've got the hips to prove it. Ah well, those extra pounds came from quality calories.;) Thanks for playing! I'll be in Provence soon--are you headed south anytime soon?